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  • Rotation Pilot  v.1.0.4Rotation Pilot is a set of handy tools for rotating and resizing your photos.
  • Rotation About a Fixed Axis Model for Windows  v.1.0The Rotation About a Fixed Axis example computes ...
  • Egg Rotation  v.1.0The objective of Egg Rotation is simple. Link 3 eggs or more of the same color to score points. The more eggs you link, the more points you score. Click on any 2 eggs which are adjacent to one another to switch their positions.
  • Rotation Ninjas  v.1.0An educational game for teaching rotation. Produced as A-Level Coursework. NB: Delphi 6 was used for development. Username: Edd Password: ...
  • Rotation Control Patch for Xpdf  v.1.0The Rotation Control Patch adds X resource, config file, and command line options to Xpdf that enable selectively setting the initial rotation of a pdf when it is opened. The X resource option is xpdf.initialRotate, the config file option is ...
  • Minolta 7D rotation tag fixer  v.1.0Simple program fixing EXIF orientation tag in JPG/JPE files created by KONICA/MINOLTA 7D digital SLR. This camera uses proprietary indicator of rotation. Use this program to convert it to a proper EXIF orientation tag understood by most photo programs.
  • BARP Binomial Addition Rotation Panmagic  v.1.0GPL cryptographic functions using Binomial coefficients, Addition, Rotation, Panmagic squares and cubes.
  • Linux Auto-Rotation Script  v.1.0Just like my Rotation Script project, but so much easier! And it's automatic!
  • Magick Rotation  v.1.5Magick Rotation is an application that will help Dell, HP, and Lenovo tablet pc's automatically rotate screen orientation and devices that use the Wacom or evdev drivers.
  • Minolta 7d/5d rotation tag fixer  v.1.2Program to automatically rotate vertical pictures taken by Konica Minolta DSLR.
  • Wallpaper Rotation  v.1.00This program allows you to add as many picture files as you like and the program will change your desktop background image automatically as often as you wish! Change it after a week or after a period of any specific amount of days or even seconds.
  • Idoo Video Rotation  v.3.0It is a straight forward video rotation software, even you have not used this kind software before, you can also handle it easily. Add a video you want to rotate using "add file" button, then you will see following image.
  • 3d-Rotation-Menu  v.1.0Menu with 3D panels items. When an item is selected, the 3D page opens and expands. JPG and SWF files can serve as page contents.
  • Talking Free Word Rotation  v.1.0A rotating word puzzle. Rotate tiles into words in this talking word puzzle. 30,000+ common words plus additional word lists including French vocabulary. Various difficulty levels.
  • Word Rotation  v.1.0A rotating word game. Spin tiles into words in this talking word ...
  • Linux Rotation Script  v.1.0This project aims to provide an easy way to rotate the screen of Linux computers without having to install various bloatware. This is meant for IBM/Lenovo tablets, but can be used for any Linux tablet with xsetwacom and xrandr.
  • SimSolar  v.2.0SimSolar - Solar System Simulator for Windows. Includes easy-to-use display and controls, tilt and rotation options for easy viewing, options for scaled planet and orbit sizes, and over 150 years of range. Registered version includes much more!
  • Batch JPEG Rotator  v.2.10Batch JPEG Rotator (32 Bit and 64 Bit) supports rotation of all or selective JPEG which requires rotation based on the EXIF Orientation tag added by your digital camera. It supports 90 degrees Clockwise, 90 degrees CounterClockwise, 180 degrees Clockwise, ...
  • Banner SimpleBanner Simple is a no-frills alternative to the overly complex and buggy banner rotation programs commonly found. No fancy administration area, campaigns, or logging and statistics. Just a very fast, efficient, and easy to set up and operate program ...
  • PdfRotate  v.0.3PdfRotate is a command line utility that will help you rotate PDF files using simple commands. It does not require Adobe Acrobat to perform the rotation. Usage: pdfrotate srcfile destfile degree The degree accepted commands are only 90, 180 and ...
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